Concierge Physical Therapy Colorado


  •     In home personalized rehabilitation
  •     Work site evaluation and treatment
  •     In the field/sports specific assessment
  •     Pre and post-surgical consultation and home assessment

Insurance is not accepted

payment may be made via cash, check or credit card

Concierge Physical Therapy Colorado



  •  Neurokinetic Therapy
  •  Trigger Point Dry Needling
  •  Functional joint and tissue mobilization
  •  Neuromuscular re-education
  •  Therapeutic exercise and strengthening
  •  Stretching and myofascial release
  •  Kinesio taping
In home personalized rehabilitation

This is for the individual looking for the convenience of in home care.  Services are

for those looking for the highest level of comprehensive and personalized therapy available.  This spans from individuals who are physically unable to leave their

home, to those with hectic and dynamic work schedules and lifestyles.

Work site evaluation and treatment

We come to your location not only assess your physical state, but also your dynamic environment.   We analyze HOW you do WHAT you do, the sustained postures and repetitive movements that are unique to you.  This includes addressing immediate symptoms, as well as a dynamic plan to improve physical balance and mechanics, optimize layout and reduce the physical strain of your environment.   

In the field/sports specific assessment

This is to address pains and imbalances that are unique to your activity of choice. 

Back pain with sustained climbs on your bike? Knee pain when you run downhill? More challenged to turn in one direction skiing downhill?  Let us accompany you

while you perform your activity.  We will analyze your movements and work to maximize your return to sport.

Pre- and post-surgical consultation and home assessment

To help you maximize your comfort, confidence and safety before or after a surgical procedure.  Patients often express, “I didn’t know what to expect when I got home

from surgery”.  Let us help prepare you and your accommodations (set-up and use

of machines, modifications to living space, self-care instruction) and set your expectations for when you get home.  We also provide post-operative care to ease

you in your transition home from the hospital.