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I have, on several occasions, paid the price for pushing my limits on skis.  With seven ER visits and four surgeries, I am very familiar with rehabilitation.   It is from much time spent with physical therapists that I can attest to Julie’s ability to heal.  Her knowledge, kindness, and desire equal to yours for full recovery.  She makes physical therapy as beneficial as it could be. 

Thanks Julie!


The level of care provided by Julie is above and beyond.  I have not had a healthcare practitioner get this in tune with me and my body and gently put me back together.  Her natural gift of healing combined with obvious interest, extensive education and experience give Julie a skill set that allows unique and often non-standard approaches to achieve great results in her practice. I have and would, highly recommend her to friends, family and other healthcare professionals.


Julie, you are brilliant! Feeling so fortunate and grateful for your gift of healing! I soooo appreciate your focus and intensity in the way you work.  Just got back from a 2 mile walk and felt like I moved in a different body. Thank you!!


I had lost mobility in my left shoulder making it difficult to perform day to day activities involving reaching and lifting.  Even worse, there was pain that affected my participation in sports such as swimming, golf and cycling.  In a series of treatments Julie was able to restore my motion and even better, to alleviate my pain.  Her skills in trigger point dry needling and muscle re-education have brought my once painful shoulder back to 100%. 


I’ve been seeing Julie over the past year or so for back & shoulder therapy. Her skills in dry needling in particular have helped dramatically alleviate pain & tension in these areas.    Following a bike crash that required surgery, Julie helped turn chaos into calm.  She came to my home the day after surgery and helped me get settled and deal with the reality of my new situation.   I've found that with Julie you get a combination of not only state-of-the-art physical therapy know-how, training & experience, but owing to her own athletic background she is also compassionate & empathetic to boot. I recommend her highly.


                              Concierge Physical Therapy Colorado

Concierge Physical Therapy Colorado